Tilda Kimono on Etsy

You guys, the moment we have all been waiting for is here: Tilda Kimono is LIVE on Etsy.

I know you have been keeping tabs on Tilda throughout the year on both of her Instagram accounts (@Badgaltity and @TildaKimono), and I know that I post about her kimonos a lot, (a lot, a lot.) In fact, most people, when they ask how my blog is doing, simultaneously ask how Tilda Kimono is doing. That makes me so exceptionally happy.

One of the things that lights me up the most in life, is seeing people follow their dreams, or get their hustle on. This is why I will never stop promoting Tilda Kimono. I have a feeling this collection is going to move fast so make sure you check it out here -> https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TildaKimono. I would also make sure you bookmark it, because this is well all future collections will drop!

You’ll find the full collection on her Etsy page, but scroll below for a preview:

Photos by Daniela Arbaje

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How do you Find a Hair Stylist? Ebena.net !

Finding a hair stylist who fits your needs is an extremely daunting task. It’s hard to even know where to begin. Some people turn to Google, some people turn to social media, but regardless of the method, you’ll likely be sifting through a lot of information that is unrelated to your location, or to your needs. We now live in an age ruled by technology, and by visuals. We like quick, clear, and easy access to information. This is where a lot of stylists are lacking, and why it is often difficult for clients and stylists to find each other. This is a problem that Ebena.net is working to solve.

Ebena helps you find a hair stylist near you or anywhere at the best price. Hair stylists can easily connect with new clients, and offer their services. Clients can find nearby stylists and get their hair done at the best price.


Ebena.net encourages stylists to build their profiles, giving them the opportunity to provide pictures of their work, outline their services, and more. The web app aims to be more than just a directory, but a community–a destination for people looking to learn about hair and beauty, find inspiration, and more. Currently they are a US-based directory, but expansion is on their radar.

So how does it work?

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Vancouver Curlfriends – Black and Gold Brunch

When women get together, amazing things happen. 

This past Sunday, I attended the Black and Gold Brunch hosted by Vancouver Curlfriends, where they were kind enough to ask me to speak about myself, my blog, and my photography project; #ProjectNatural.

Growing up in a city with a severe lack of a “black community”, I am grateful to have met a group of women of colour who are dedicated to creating one.  In everyday life, I am an introvert. It is overall hard to convince me to step out of my house–to step away from writing, reading, or a Netflix binge. But when the opportunity to network with other women arises, I’ll do what I can to be there.

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“I like your natural hair better” and other...

Hey y’all. Xandria is back with another hard-hitting Guest Post.
You may remember her from some of her previous posts here and here. 
Check it out:

Now, before we start, I want you to know that I get it. You had good intentions. In fact, you probably thought you were complementing me. BUT SURPRISE! Intentions don’t actually do anything to change the impact! SHOCKING. I know “it’s just hair!”, but hair is a much more layered and complex issue for women or color, and if you’re not one, then zip it and listen for a second! Because believe it or not I don’t actually need you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t care about, or how something should or shouldn’t affect me, because my brain is actually capable of forming my own emotions and reactions! WOW! And before you say “not all insert group of people do or think that!” please, just read this all with an open mind and heart, because it should be obvious that not all insert group does or thinks a certain way, nor is anyone implying that anywhere. Also remember that this is my story, and I am allowed to share my experiences and thoughts without you questioning their authenticity. So here we go.

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Momma T x TildaKimono – An Epic Collaboration

So I figured it was about time for my momma to get some of the limelight, and I also figured you were all overdue on a reminder of how amazing TildaKimonos are–so here we are. If you follow myself (Comfygirlcurls) or TildaKimono on Instagram, these photos may look very familiar, but now is your chance to view them again in all their high-quality glory.

Here is the run down: my friend is an amazing designer who makes hand-made Kimono Robes. (#BuyBlack, #VancouverDesigner, #GirlBoss style, if you know what I mean?). Then you have my beautiful mother–Momma T, as my friend Courtney has recently christened her. Momma T is freshly fifty, and looking fine (#BlackDontCrack). My mother is a huge fan of Tilda, and is arguably the biggest. (To date, she has five TildaKimono Originals.)

So a couple months ago, the three of us got together to make some magic happen. Tilda styled my mom, I experimented with makeup artistry and photography, and Momma T posed and on looked good. Here are our results:

Momma T looking feminine, fierce, and flowy in her pink-patterned TildaKimono, yellow velvet dress, and fringe heels:

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