Free, Fab and 40!

Guest Post – Cairo Williams

I’ve created my own world that makes me happy. Embracing my thick 4c hair and playing in the Japanese Street Fashion subculture, Kawaii. The style has afforded me the fortitude to push through fear.
I transitioned because my straightened hair was unhealthy and thin. After the “big chop”, I assumed I would be immediately accepting of my new look. Nope! I thought my hair was ugly. I thought I was less attractive. Many in my circle of peers and some family members scoffed at the idea, I heard the whispers behind and amongst me. Thankfully, my loving husband cheered me on. I began to question why I felt this way? Where did this train of thought begin? I could have just stopped at the conclusion that popular society’s views of beauty was the seed of it all, however I knew it was deeper than that.

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Project Natural – Elevator Meeting

Project Natural | Comfy Girl With Curls | Natural Hair | Black Beauty

While visiting family in Guatemala, I met this Naturalista in an elevator. Talk about an “elevator pitch”, I think it was over the span of 30 seconds that I told her what I did, and if I could have a photograph. In my rush, it’s a bit blurry, but her beauty shines through!

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Angellic Beauty Products – Shampoo, Conditioner, ...

I was sent some goodies from Angellic Beauty for review, and I am now here to share my thoughts on how it worked out on my Natural Hair!

(As always, my reviews are 100 % honest, and 100% my own experiences!)

Angellic Beauty has three products designed to be used together on Natural hair; a Revitalizing Shampoo, a Rejuvenating Conditioner, and a Restoration Oil.

All of her products are oil based, an awesome characteristic, which I find really helps lock in moisture… but before I get a head of myself, let’s look at each of these products one by one :

Revitalizing Shampoo:

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Shea Butter, and an all natural secret recipe.

Thoughts: Honestly, I was a bit anxious about using a “Shampoo” made up entirely of oils. I figured I would end up with an unwashed head, and maybe more buildup than I had started out with, but this was not the case. I was so incredibly happy with the revitalizing shampoo, that it didn’t even feel like a shampoo! My type 4 hair was soft, and shiny, and tingling-clean. It didn’t feel stripped either.  I honestly was able to detangle with it, and probably would have been okay ending my wash-day there, twisting my hair, and going to bed. But of course… I knew I had to use the Angellic trio all together, as designed, to give a proper review.

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Photo Shoot for Tilda’s Kimonos (Behind the Scene...

I was feeling sort of nostalgic for the sun, the beach, and good company, when I realized I had a whole collection of photos from the famed TildaKimono Bikini photoshoot that the world hadn’t seen yet.

So first, let me give you a bit of back story. Many months ago, Tilda asked if I could model some of her Kimonos. First of all, I was extremely excited (and honoured) to be asked, and second, it would give me the opportunity to go to the beach, and rock a bikini. (In case you weren’t aware, I have a mild Bikini buying problem, but that’s another story for another day…)

Through another talented friend of ours, Xandria (who you can read about HERE and HERE), we met Daniela, who is an absolutely amazing photographer who would be taking the fashion shots for Tilda.  (You can check out her work at

In short, everything came together beautifully; the weather, our schedules, the people that got to be involved! And it all worked out to create some pretty rad pictures. While Daniela worked her magic, Xandria had my camera in hand, and took some bomb behind the scenes shots!

Black Girl in Bikini | Flowers in Afro Puff | Beach | TildaKimono
Teaching me how to tie a Kimono, and be a strong, sexy, female at the same time.

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I do my Own Braids and Sometimes it Looks Pretty OK, I ...

Guest Post by Xandria Thomison

Hi! You might remember me from such guest posts as ‘10 months post Big Chop’ and hilarious photos with Kaya. Well guest what? IM BACK FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME with another guest post!

This time I want to share with you all my experience with doing my own box braids! Recently me and Kaya spent the weekend going to buy hair, and then braiding together all night and morning long in the most epic of sleepovers.

I first got the idea to do my own hair way back in 10th grade in Calgary AB. High School. What a fun time for all involved. It was summer, and I had just started transitioning to natural. I was obsessed with Jada Pinkett Smith and her bad-assery and hardcore cornrows she was currently rocking, because I was a hardcore angsty teen that needed to prove how hardcore and not here for your nonsense I was. I also wanted to hide the weird texture change in my hair. So I went downtown to the salon and paid 250$ for three lines of box braids in the back, and hardcore cornrows in the front. It was the modern 90’s black girl mullet, ooooh yeeaa. But Cinderella 1997 was my favorite movie and I wanted to be Brandy.

I looked fantastic, but unfortunately I didn’t have a phone and selfies weren’t a thing yet so I don’t have any pics, so just imagine it. I watched intently as they braided, wondering how hard it’d be to do myself.  I asked how much for Brandy-esque box braids and was quoted 800$. YA RIGHT. So I decided watching once was enough for me to do the whole thing by myself next time.

The first time I tried it was a hot buttery mess. But I was not discouraged, oh no, not I angsty prove you wrong teen. So I practiced and practiced and finally by grade 12 I got to a level of ‘well that looks good enough for me!’ And ever since I have been relying on the length and cool colors to outweigh the not necessarily straight lines or evenness. It pretty much works, so you’re welcome. My trick is to just take them out before going back to the salon to buy more hair to avoid any real critique from a professional.

Whenever I go to buy my hair, I will always have a color or style in mind inspired by a celebrity, and Instagram photo, or Pinterest. And let me tell you I am very good at not sticking to my original plan at all. I get desecrated by all the colors they have and normally change my mind after 10 mins of staring at the wall and being asked if I’m ok.

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