New Obsession – Oyin Handmade

The moment I tried out my new Oyin Handmade products, I was obsessed, and knew I needed to share it with the world, and write a review. I know Oyin Handmade is already a holy grail for many Naturals out there, but when I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to shell out the money for the product,  I wasn’t able to find many detailed reviews to help me take the plunge.  So here’s mine:

Oyin Handmade Hair Product Review | Burnt Sugar Pomade | Hair Dew | Whipped Pudding

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Updated Page: My Journey

Alright Everyone,

I have finally finished pulling together a new page outlining my hair journey. It is broken down into 4 parts, and it is ready right HERE !

It was an interesting experience to go back and think about how I got to where I am today. Sometimes life moves so fast that you forget to remember.

I would love to hear feedback on it, or to see in the comments what similarities or differences you may draw from your own relationship with your hair, no matter if you have kinks, coils, or pin-straight tresses.

I hope you all have a wonderful day

~Comfy Girl with Curls


Stay Tuned for “My Journey”

Hello all!

So I got home from work, threw my hair up in a pineapple, and began typing away on a new page called “My Journey” in reference to my natural hair journey. I thought it’d be a breeze to get through, but it’s taking a bit more time to think back on my life in the context of my hair (Which is a really weird thing to do, now that I think of it.)

Actually, what’s probably taking the longest is the fact that I’m scrolling back through my entire history of pictures on Facebook,  and getting distracted. The photo reel is pretty interesting though. It tells a pretty good story on its own of what I’ve gone through with my hair. You would think that all I would have to do is add in some captions, but that’s obviously too easy for me.

Anyways, it’s time to get back to it, but please stay tuned!

**Update, January 9th, 2016: Part 1 + Part 2 are up! Take a look and let me know what you think!

*** Update, January 10th, 2016: Click for Part 3

Messy Pineapple after day at work
Pineapple after a long day at work. Boyfriend says it’s cute okay…

~Comfy girl with curls

The Madness Beneath the Hat

My favourite cozy/lazy “go to” is throwing on a toque (or a Beanie for the Americans).

This is a fairly recent discovery for me. The truth is, anyone who has known me longer than a year knows how adamantly I have spent my life swearing against headwear. This hatred (caused purely by envy), was mostly due to the fact that I felt boyish with my hair covered up.

I have since realized, however, that I can effectively avoid being mistaken for one of my brothers by putting a little extra effort into my makeup.

The amazing thing about wearing a hat is that there can be pure madness going on beneath it, and no one is ever the wiser. Usually on wash day I will Pre-poo, stick a garbage bag on my head, throw my toque over top, and go run errands for a few hours. It has happened more than once  where I’ve had to stop myself from blurting out; “There’s a garbage bag on my head!” after a stranger has genuinely complimented my look. Then there are my friends; they now know better since the few times they’ve tried to compliment me on my toque, they were greeted with an obnoxious “HashTag-WashDay”.

Now… the only thing to do is grow my collection.

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The First of Many…

The first post ever. I feel as though that is a lot of pressure for a blog post.

I know that eventually, this little post will get buried beneath all the posts to come, but I still feel as though it has to be of a certain standard to set the stage for the future.

The question you may ask (and quite frankly, the question I am asking myself) is what do I have to offer? There are so many beauty bloggers out there, and so many natural hair bloggers, what really makes me different?

In reality? I have got no clue. We may just have to find out together…

The truth is, to this day I have been hunting for bloggers that are my twin in style/texture/personality; someone I can really relate to. Sometimes I find someone with my texture, but they style their hair into such (beautifully) extravagant styles that I am far too lazy to pull off. Other times, I LOVE the way a blogger styles their hair, but I know my hair is too thick and kinky to pull off the same look.

Then there are times where I see  a product in the drugstore, or on my fave;, and I am dying for a review to help guide me before I spend the money, but can’t find one ANYWHERE.

In short, I have started this blog to hopefully help out my twin somewhere out there in the universe. Or at least, fill the internet with more honest reviews.

I hope we have a long and happy time together;

~a comfy girl with curls