Can you Shave your Legs with Coconut Oil?

Frizzy Hair? Shaving Cream? Dry Skin? Bad Credit? BF acting up? Coconut Oil! | Can you shave your legs with coconut oil?Can you shave your legs with coconut oil?

I’m sure by now, you have seen the coconut oil meme floating around the inter webs. And perhaps if you are like me, you have caught yourself wondering how much of the above is truth, and how much is inserted for the sake of a quick giggle.

I mean, obviously we know coconut oil is the go-to cure for a crazy boyfriend, but what I have always wanted to know, is does coconut oil really work as a shaving cream?

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Empty Alert – OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Hair Bu...

How can you tell if a product junkie really likes a product or if they are just trying to promote it?

By whether or not they manage to finish all of it!

I am a product junkie. Yes, I know I have a problem, but as it stands I am not looking to fix it anytime soon. Take a look at what I have going on beneath my bathroom sink:


It may be good to add that there are at least a half a dozen bottles missing from the picture, and another dozen that are on my “to-buy” list.

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SheaMoisture Goodies & More – Latest Buys

Nearly two weeks ago, my mom and I made a trip across the border for the sole purpose of stocking up on natural hair product. A lot of our favorite hair goodies are American, so it is often easier, cheaper, and more time-effective to cross the border to find them (versus the alternative of ordering online).

So off we went, and it is needless to say once we got to Target, I was in product heaven. Even though the “multicultural hair” section of the Bellingham Target is relatively small, I spent a good hour standing in front of the shelves making comparisons, looking up reviews on my phone, and number crunching to figure out how much I wanted, and how much I was willing to spend. (Needless to say that the former and the latter were in great conflict.)

After treading back and forth, and placing and removing things from my basket, this is what I came home with:

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What does ColourPop Look Like on Dark Skin?

After spending hours on the internet admiring other bloggers out there, I realized I couldn’t really call myself a blogger if I hadn’t tried and reviewed anything from ColourPop.

Okay… So maybe that’s just the excuse I’m using to not feel guilty ordering a whole bunch of lipsticks.

But am I really wrong? Pretty much all of my favorite bloggers have swatched some ColourPop lipsticks on their arm, regardless of if their thing is makeup, hair, or inspirational quotes.

Now before I make my order, what I’ve been trying to figure out is how ColourPop’s Liquid Lipsticks look on darker skin, and more specifically, how it looks on my skin tone. When talking makeup, so often “Dark Skin” is lumped together, forgetting that there is a beautiful and diverse range under the heading. Being mixed, I fall on the lighter end, but it is still ridiculously difficult to find examples of lipsticks on ladies who look like me!

So I’ve curated six videos, from six different beautifully dark skinned ladies. If like me, you are finding yourself swept up in the ColourPop Craze, but are not sure what you want to purchase, I hope one of these videos can help you out.

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Twisted Coil Out – My Experience: The Good and th...

So I tried something new, and it worked out and failed all in one. About a month ago, I saw a video shared on Camille Rose Natural’s Facebook page. It was a tutorial on a “Twisted Coil Out” by YoursNaturally11, and the end result was AWESOME. Naturally, the “Twisted Coil Out” was added to the long list of styles I needed to try out.

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