Momma T x TildaKimono – An Epic Collaboration

So I figured it was about time for my momma to get some of the limelight, and I also figured you were all overdue on a reminder of how amazing TildaKimonos are–so here we are. If you follow myself (Comfygirlcurls) or TildaKimono on Instagram, these photos may look very familiar, but now is your chance to view them again in all their high-quality glory.

Here is the run down: my friend is an amazing designer who makes hand-made Kimono Robes. (#BuyBlack, #VancouverDesigner, #GirlBoss style, if you know what I mean?). Then you have my beautiful mother–Momma T, as my friend Courtney has recently christened her. Momma T is freshly fifty, and looking fine (#BlackDontCrack). My mother is a huge fan of Tilda, and is arguably the biggest. (To date, she has five TildaKimono Originals.)

So a couple months ago, the three of us got together to make some magic happen. Tilda styled my mom, I experimented with makeup artistry and photography, and Momma T posed and on looked good. Here are our results:

Momma T looking feminine, fierce, and flowy in her pink-patterned TildaKimono, yellow velvet dress, and fringe heels:

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Photo Shoot for Tilda’s Kimonos (Behind the Scene...

I was feeling sort of nostalgic for the sun, the beach, and good company, when I realized I had a whole collection of photos from the famed TildaKimono Bikini photoshoot that the world hadn’t seen yet.

So first, let me give you a bit of back story. Many months ago, Tilda asked if I could model some of her Kimonos. First of all, I was extremely excited (and honoured) to be asked, and second, it would give me the opportunity to go to the beach, and rock a bikini. (In case you weren’t aware, I have a mild Bikini buying problem, but that’s another story for another day…)

Through another talented friend of ours, Xandria (who you can read about HERE and HERE), we met Daniela, who is an absolutely amazing photographer who would be taking the fashion shots for Tilda.  (You can check out her work at

In short, everything came together beautifully; the weather, our schedules, the people that got to be involved! And it all worked out to create some pretty rad pictures. While Daniela worked her magic, Xandria had my camera in hand, and took some bomb behind the scenes shots!

Black Girl in Bikini | Flowers in Afro Puff | Beach | TildaKimono
Teaching me how to tie a Kimono, and be a strong, sexy, female at the same time.

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5 Days of Gap Work Outfits | OOTD Inspiration for your ...

As many of you know, I suck at dressing myself, so a good friend of mine (Tilda Ruvinga) often helps me out in that department. (Check out the last style she hooked me up with Here). So when I found myself in a new job, with little to no clothing suitable for the position, Tilda helped me out… and my mom gave her 2 cents too. The day I accepted my offer, I met Tilda at The Gap, and that is how she created “5 Days of Gap Work Outfits”. She completely set me up for my first 9 to 5 work week!

Here are the results, an Outfit of the Day, for Every Day:


Gap Work Outfit | Corporate | 9 to 5 OOTD
True Black; Chunky Open-Neck Sweater | Red Dot; New Fitted Boyfriend Clip Dot Shirt | Black; Bi-stretch Skinny Ankle Pants

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London Look – Created by Personal Shopper/Stylist...

Forgive me if you think I talk about Tilda Ruvinga too much, but if you can’t talk up your own friends, what else do you have? I sure hope you remember her as the amazing designer behind TildaKimonos, and that you saw the feature on her London Sale HERE, but guess what? She has yet another talent and title: Personal Shopper and Personal Stylist.

I did a poor job of showcasing her personal shopper/stylist talents while I was on vacation, and for that, I am ashamed. A couple weeks prior to my London trip, she took me shopping and styled the heck out of me. My only job was to wear the stuff I bought, and take pictures #OOTD-style. My game plan was to have my brother be my photographer, but that failed, and I was too embarrassed to take outfit selfies. So the whole plan fell apart.

For that, I apologize.

Finally, things did turn out when I met Maz (the London buyer of Tilda’s Kimono), who is also a photographer. I was wearing one of Tilda’s chosen outfits when we met, and I asked her to take a few shots.

Here’s how they turned out:

Bomber Jacket + Sweater: Forever21PlaidShirt +Pants: American EagleNeckless: Aldo AccessoriesShoes: Aldo

So if you’re in Vancouver, Canada, (or if you have the money to fly Tilda into whatever city you live in), and need yourself some style help, I highly recommend hitting up Badgaltity or TildaKimono on Instagram.

(Finally, don’t forget to show Maz some love on Instagram too! And I can’t thank her enough for the amazing shots!)