Green Ombre Box Braids | Mermaid Hair

I think my favourite protective style to-date has been my ombre, black to green/teal, box braids. I had never before played with colour in my hair, and I really loved it. Apparently strangers loved it too, because a surprising amount of people came up to compliment my mermaid hair. At first, I was actually caught off guard, because I hadn’t even been aiming for a mermaid look (but I was pretty pleased that I had unknowingly given off that vibe).

I ordered the braiding hair from AliExpress, and was overall satisfied with how fast it came (less than two weeks), and with the quality. I ordered ten packs just  to be on the safe side, and only used seven. I probably would have gotten away with six, but my boyfriend sat on and tangled one of the bundles I had left on the couch…

The colour I chose was a perfect introduction colour for myself. Even though half of it was a greenish teal, it was still quite subtle. Depending on how I had the braids tied up, it would sometimes take people awhile to realize they weren’t a normal colour. My only regret is that I didn’t take more selfies with the style!

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Instagram Roundup | July

Inspired by many other bloggers out there, I have decided that at the start of every month, I will begin doing an Instagram round up of some of my favorite Instagram posts from the month before. Since August is now here, here’s a gathering of what went down in July. I got ombre green box braids, I got to be creative with friends, I finally shared some photos I had taken of  Xandria, and my thoughts on the Naked Illuminated Trio. I also got to enjoy West Coast life by hanging out on the beach. Overall, July was full. It definitely felt like I was taking advantage of the warm weather. *Honesty moment. Some of the below were taken in June, but were shared in July… 🙂

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July Instagram @Comfygirlcurls | Black Blogger | Natural Hair Blog
I also made an appearance on some of my friend’s feeds. Check it out:

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Tilda Will Make you Want to Chop off your Hair and go B...

Last year Tilda (aka Badgaltity on Instagram) did the Big Chop. I was so extremely proud, that I shared a blog post about it. Now, over a year later, Tilda is back with her bad self, rocking another new look: A smoking hot, blonde tapered TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro, for those who may not be in the loop).

Our little girl gang got together to do what we do best in order to capture Tilda’s babeliness. Xandria was on makeup-duty, Tiana was our expert-positioner (yes, it’s a thing, okay?), and I was behind the camera.

So now here she is, serving you some looks.

(Okay, a lotta looks, because I liked all the photos so much, and struggled to pick  just a few to share.)

Look 1: Tilda in popping red lips, gold hoops, and heart-shaped glasses.

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I do my Own Braids and Sometimes it Looks Pretty OK, I ...

Guest Post by Xandria Thomison

Hi! You might remember me from such guest posts as ‘10 months post Big Chop’ and hilarious photos with Kaya. Well guest what? IM BACK FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME with another guest post!

This time I want to share with you all my experience with doing my own box braids! Recently me and Kaya spent the weekend going to buy hair, and then braiding together all night and morning long in the most epic of sleepovers.

I first got the idea to do my own hair way back in 10th grade in Calgary AB. High School. What a fun time for all involved. It was summer, and I had just started transitioning to natural. I was obsessed with Jada Pinkett Smith and her bad-assery and hardcore cornrows she was currently rocking, because I was a hardcore angsty teen that needed to prove how hardcore and not here for your nonsense I was. I also wanted to hide the weird texture change in my hair. So I went downtown to the salon and paid 250$ for three lines of box braids in the back, and hardcore cornrows in the front. It was the modern 90’s black girl mullet, ooooh yeeaa. But Cinderella 1997 was my favorite movie and I wanted to be Brandy.

I looked fantastic, but unfortunately I didn’t have a phone and selfies weren’t a thing yet so I don’t have any pics, so just imagine it. I watched intently as they braided, wondering how hard it’d be to do myself.  I asked how much for Brandy-esque box braids and was quoted 800$. YA RIGHT. So I decided watching once was enough for me to do the whole thing by myself next time.

The first time I tried it was a hot buttery mess. But I was not discouraged, oh no, not I angsty prove you wrong teen. So I practiced and practiced and finally by grade 12 I got to a level of ‘well that looks good enough for me!’ And ever since I have been relying on the length and cool colors to outweigh the not necessarily straight lines or evenness. It pretty much works, so you’re welcome. My trick is to just take them out before going back to the salon to buy more hair to avoid any real critique from a professional.

Whenever I go to buy my hair, I will always have a color or style in mind inspired by a celebrity, and Instagram photo, or Pinterest. And let me tell you I am very good at not sticking to my original plan at all. I get desecrated by all the colors they have and normally change my mind after 10 mins of staring at the wall and being asked if I’m ok.

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10 Months Post Big Chop

10 Month’s Post Big Chop – By Xandria Thomison

Last year on New Years Eve, I shaved my head. Was it a protest against traditional femininity? A statement of bold, black lady power?? A desperate act to embody the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o???


I didn’t want to wash it.

That’s right, I was so sick of washing my stringy, bleached, heat damaged hair, to then spend 2 hours blow drying and flat ironing that I woke up and said enough is enough. But before I give the update on my fresh grown curly crown, let’s go to back a bit.

17 Years Old - Natural Hair Pre - Big Chop
This is me at 17 years old with nothing but hair and dreams.

In grade 11, at 16 years old I started transitioning from my dull, tired relaxed hair, into the glorious halo of luscious locks you see above. This was a time of realization and acceptance of self, which blossomed in the midst of pubescent confusion, and a constant struggle to find who I was.  It all started with Tyra Banks. I would rush home from school every Thursday to tune into the Tyra show, and one day something amazing happened. Tyra showed her real hair without weave. Wow. Shortly after, she featured a blogger, not so different from the beautiful and inspirational owner of this blog, by the name of Curly Nikki, who imparted all her natural hair secrets and tips. After this episode, I deeply contemplated my many years of feeling like in order to be desired and beautiful, my hair needed to be straight.

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