Tilda Will Make you Want to Chop off your Hair and go Blonde

Last year Tilda (aka Badgaltity on Instagram) did the Big Chop. I was so extremely proud, that I shared a blog post about it. Now, over a year later, Tilda is back with her bad self, rocking another new look: A smoking hot, blonde tapered TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro, for those who may not be in the loop).

Our little girl gang got together to do what we do best in order to capture Tilda’s babeliness. Xandria was on makeup-duty, Tiana was our expert-positioner (yes, it’s a thing, okay?), and I was behind the camera.

So now here she is, serving you some looks.

(Okay, a lotta looks, because I liked all the photos so much, and struggled to pick  just a few to share.)

Look 1: Tilda in popping red lips, gold hoops, and heart-shaped glasses.

Look 2: Because I know few people who can pull off blue lips like Tilda can.

So if you were considering dying your hair blonde, and chopping it off, we highly recommend using this as your inspiration-mood board. I mean, really, all the work’s been done for you!

Let us know your favourite look below, and follow @badgaltity and @tildakimono on Instagram to see what this beautiful lady is up to!

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