No Curl Definition, No Problem!

My natural hair is naturally kinky more so than curly, with only certain sections clumping together to make a uniformed curl.

In the natural hair community, there is so much focus on curl definition and curl pattern, but what happened to celebrating the huge picked out Afro?

Even when I do a wash and go and try to force my curls to come together, I don’t end up being very successful. What looks like promising curls while wet, tend to separate and frizz as they dry. (Yeah I know, I probably just need more gel and puddings, or maybe I’ve just dyed it too many times…)

But in my experience, the only time I end up with some real definition is when I do a twist or braid out… Which you may have realized by now is my go-to style when I’m looking to wear my hair out.

So here’s to celebrating my big, puffy, curl-less hair.  I sprayed my hair with a water bottle, put some Argan Oil on top, and this is what I ended up with:

(And yes obviously, it was just an excuse to practice using my tripod for some self portraits.. )

Sorry for the bombardment of selfies, I just love the puffy afro! Which when I was younger, is something I never thought I would say…

Do you love the big hair look, or do you prefer some sort of definition? Let me know in the comments!

~Comfy Girl With Curls

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  1. i love your hair it is pretty, I went natural 3 years ago and over that time my hair changed after my daughters and began shedding too much so now I have done my 3rd big chop in hopes of getting it back strong again. Hair can be so bad at times lol


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