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Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario – A Must-Have Palette for Black Girls

A couple of days ago I got my hands on the LAST Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario at my local Sephora, and I am so in love with it.

I’m going to be honest and say that I had no idea that this palette existed before walking into Sephora the other day, and yes, I know I’ve been living under a rock.  I have a few cosmetic companies I am obsessed with, and I don’t often stray away from them.

So for those living under a rock with me, here’s the hype about the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.

Superstar makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has had a hand in most of 2016’s major makeup trends, from contouring, baking, and strobing the Kardashians’ faces to the Instagram makeup . So people understandably freaked when the Master Palette by Mario dropped — his collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills on the set of twelve gold, copper and jewel tones is currently sold out on the ABH website, all of one day later.

So apparently, The Master Palette by Mario has been a highly sought after eyeshadow palette, and has sold out pretty much everywhere. I’ve been told to count myself extremely lucky for being able to snag one of them.

But really, I’m not in it for the hype. Just look at these colours. While in Sephora, a friend of mine said it best: These colours look like they were made for black girls. I’m obsessed with rosey, golden, autumn colours, because I feel like they look AMAZING on all ranges of dark skin, so naturally I needed this palette in my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Master Palette by Mario

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Playing Delivery Girl Across the World

The most amazing and unexpected thing about this blogging process has been the people it has allowed me to meet. I mean a year ago, if you had told me that while on vacation in another country, I would be going out of my comfort zone, and meeting up with people I had met online, I probably would have laughed loudly and obnoxiously in your face.

Yet here we are.

While in London, I had an amazing encounter with lipstick-maker Anna Sylla, and I had an equally awesome (but brief) encounter with two lovely human beings I had met thanks to Tilda and her Kimonos.

When Tilda made her first sale across the pond, fate would have it that her buyer lived in London, where I would be going the following month for a family holiday. When we realized this, it just made sense to organize a hand-delivery of the finished product.

A month later, the time came to meet Maz and pass off the goods. We planned to meet at Oxford Circus, and life had worked out in a way that she had run into a friend of hers while waiting for me. So it turned out, this friend knew his way around a camera.

Maz was gracious enough to take part in a photoshoot to showcase the Kimono, and being an amateur myself, I passed my camera off to her friend, Joshua, to do the honours.

Check out the impromptu photoshoot!




 Photography courtesy of @joshuaigbo

**Don’t forget to follow @TildaKimono (Designer), Maz  @maz_o, and Joshua @joshuaigbo on Instagram (the latter two are both absolutely amazing photographers!)

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Meet the Creator of Anna S. Lipsticks (A Natural and Handmade Lipstick Line)

An indisputable highlight of my recent UK trip was meeting up with Anna Sylla, the creator of Anna S. Lipsticks (A line of natural, handmade, organic lipsticks that look especially amazing on darker skin tones). She currently has three colour options available (with more to come), which she has for sale on Etsy.

I found Anna about a month ago on Instagram while I was looking for inspiration under the #NaturalHair hashtag. As I scrolled along, I came across a photo of her with a gorgeous fro, rocking a beautiful pink lip. As Afros and Lipsticks are two of my favourite things, she had gained my interest. When I read the caption beneath her photo and realized she had made the lipstick herself, I couldn’t help but message her. We started talking, and when it turned out she lived in London, I knew I had to meet up with her for a feature, and so here we are.

Meet Anna: Anna Wearing her Handmade Organic Lipstick Read More Meet the Creator of Anna S. Lipsticks (A Natural and Handmade Lipstick Line)

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