The Wash and Go

Once upon a time, I tried a wash and go, and then swore I’d never try it again.

Then, as you may have caught on Instagram, I went back on my word. As they say: never say never.

A few years ago, after spiraling deep down the YouTube rabbit hole, I was inspired to do a wash and go. All the YouTubers looked so BOMB with their defined curls and gorgeous shrinkage.

But when I tried it, nearly everything about the process was unpleasant. It took me AGES to coat my hair in product, and it took way longer to dry. After all that, I only really got one “good” day out of the style. I say good, but really, the look was decent looking at best.

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Update from K. E. Tomash – “Recalculating&#...

Hi world,

I really didn’t think people would notice that I’ve been MIA, but apparently they did. People especially noticed my absence on Instagram. It’s a strange thing to be missed by people I never met, and I am extremely touched by it.

On my other blog ( I wrote a bit about what’s been happening –

As I “recalculate” you’ll see my blogging and social media activity starting to resume. I’m not aiming for high output, but rather for consistency. I also just realized that I have had this blog for two whole years. And wow, what a journey it has been. Thank you everyone for continuing with me on my journey!

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Project Natural – Frohawk Inspiration

Sometimes people are just so photogenic, and I’m just so indecisive that I have to share more than one photo of someone.

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Instagram Roundup | August 2017

And we’re back with another Instagram roundup! (Can you believe that August is basically over?! No, me neither. In fact, I’m horrified. I haven’t been to the beach enough times!)

This month’s Instagram roundup can be characterized as a hit for #ProjectNatural. If this is new to you, this is my personal photography project, where I photograph strangers around the city with Natural hair, or dope protective styles. It’s all about increasing representation, and showcasing the beauty of fellow naturalistas. The project has definitely been dormant over the past 6 months or so, but the Summer heat, definitely brought on the opportunity to run into some super cool ladies around Vancouver.

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Comfy Girl With Curls August Instagram Roundup

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