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My Experience Wearing Senegalese Twists

It’s been about two weeks since I removed my Senegalese Twists (Or Rope Twists as some call it), and I can’t believe I nearly didn’t blog about it! I did a fair share of posting pictures of my protective style on Instagram, and I think that made me feel as though everyone had seen enough… but now, I have obviously changed my mind.

Towards the end of my London Trip, I got Senegalese Twists put in. Keep in mind, I have never ever had a protective style where extra hair was added in. No box braids, no twists, nothing. My natural hair is so thick as it is, that it never really made sense to me to add to it. Since starting this blog, however, long term protective styles have been on my bucket list, so when my Aunt suggested I get it done, I was game.

As to not bombard you, let’s do this point form.

What I loved about my Senegalese Twists:

  • I felt like a Princess. Yes, it could be the Eurocentric beauty standard of having long hair that swings when you move talking here, but I’ll still admit it; I loved the feeling.
  • The EASE. With a protective style in, you do not have to think about getting ready at all! I was able to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes every morning, because I knew I didn’t have to think about what I was going to do with my uncooperative natural hair.
  • The options I had! Although I did not take full advantage of this, there are a lot of cool styles you can try with Senegalese Twists in. Personally, it was hard to stray from the half up, half down look, but I did branch out and try a top knot, a top bun, as well as two buns on either side of my head so I could try and pull of a Mini Mouse look for Halloween.. (Which I am super upset that I didn’t take pictures of!)
  • It helped me retain length! I tend to see breakage at my ends when my schedule gets more hectic, and my natural hair regimen becomes a littles less regimented. Having the Senegalese Twists in as a Protective style allowed my ends to be protected from drying out, and breaking. I was truly surprised when I took my hair out, by how healthy it was!

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What Products are in Your Makeup Bag? (Because I Lost Mine!)

I’ve kept it to myself because I think I was still holding out hope, but I have now reached the stage of acceptance:

I have lost my makeup bag.

It happened while I was in London. Silly me thought it would be a brilliant idea to  bring my whole makeup bag with me to my cousins wedding. I don’t want to go into detail, because it’s still too painful, but long story short, I have lost my makeup bag full of nearly all my favourite lipsticks, lipliners, eyeliners, mascaras, brushes, you name it.

At first, I made a VERY low-ball estimate of $300 worth of lost product. Now, as I have been looking into replacing it all, I realize an accurate, yet still low number would be closer to $500 of lost makeup… Somebody out there hit the jackpot, that’s for sure.

So now that I have accepted my loss, my only option is to move on. Slowly but surely, I will be rebuilding, and I am looking to hear your recommendations! What beauty products do you have stashed away in your makeup bag? What are your favourite brushes?

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10 Months Post Big Chop

By Xandria Thomison

Last year on New Years Eve, I shaved my head. Was it a protest against traditional femininity? A statement of bold, black lady power?? A desperate act to embody the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o???


I didn’t want to wash it.

That’s right, I was so sick of washing my stringy, bleached, heat damaged hair, to then spend 2 hours blow drying and flat ironing that I woke up and said enough is enough. But before I give the update on my fresh grown curly crown, let’s go to back a bit.

This is me at 17 years old with nothing but hair and dreams.

In grade 11, at 16 years old I started transitioning from my dull, tired relaxed hair, into the glorious halo of luscious locks you see above. This was a time of realization and acceptance of self, which blossomed in the midst of pubescent confusion, and a constant struggle to find who I was.  It all started with Tyra Banks. I would rush home from school every Thursday to tune into the Tyra show, and one day something amazing happened. Tyra showed her real hair without weave. Wow. Shortly after, she featured a blogger, not so different from the beautiful and inspirational owner of this blog, by the name of Curly Nikki, who imparted all her natural hair secrets and tips. After this episode, I deeply contemplated my many years of feeling like in order to be desired and beautiful, my hair needed to be straight.

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Why We Cry Over Trump’s Election.

I know most who follow me, do so to see natural hair and beauty-related topics, but at this moment, I feel incredibly disingenuous trying to write anything on those subjects.

Last night, I cried, as many others did around the world.

I wrapped up in myself, huddled on my couch, and cried myself to sleep.

Then this morning I woke up feeling deflated and tired.  Scrolling through my news feeds, my heart grew heavier seeing people’s genuine fear and heartbreak.

This tweet struck me hardest, and I’m going to leave it here and let it speak for itself:

Hear me when I say it’s not as simple as being upset over Trump being elected President.

For those of you saying “It’s okay because Congress/Senate will block all his goals,” you just don’t get it.

That’s not what this is about.

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Anna S. Lipstick Haul – Flirty, Feisty, Seduce

You have no idea how excited I was to come home the other day and find something bulky shoved in my mailbox! I knew immediately that it was my order from Anna S. Lipsticks, and I didn’t care that it was 1am my time, I had to open up my package and play with them.

I had the greatest of pleasures meeting and interviewing Anna Sylla while on my vacation in London, and I strongly suggest you check her out on Instagram and order yourself some of her lipsticks! I have a soft heart for anyone out there doing what they love, and this girl is one of them!

Anna S. Lipsticks are handmade and organic, and she puts them in the most adorable tubes! Her goal is to make colours that compliment black women, and has an overall passion for empowering women. (I mean how could you not get behind someone like that?)

Anna S. Lipsticks Natural - Handmade - Organic - For Black Women

Her lipsticks have the luxury of feeling soft on your lips, and keeping them well moisturized. The pigments are great, and the next day, when I wore Flirty Pink out of the house, I got a ton of compliments on the colour!

Anna S. Lipsticks Natural - Handmade - Organic - For Black Women
Top to Bottom : Feisty Fuchsia, Flirty Pink, Seduce Red

And finally, here’s what these amazing, handmade, organic, lipsticks look like on:

Let me know what you think in the comments, and make sure you follow Anna.S.BeautyLips on Instagram 😉 .


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