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How to Tie Head Wraps – 6 Videos for Tutorials and Inspiration

Tying into my last post, I thought I would share some videos that I have been going to for Head Scarf inspiration!

Of course, the original video that inspired me by Kilahmazing:

Turban Time with The London Curls:

Some of these are a bit more complicated, but I’m working my way up to them (From Love your Tresses):

Some bolder looks from CharyJay:

Here, INYACO  showcases some similar styles from above, but I love that she demonstrates them slowly and clearly:

Last but not least, this recent video from, showing Head Wraps really are the thing to be doing this Summer. 


Are you inspired yet? What videos have you used as inspiration or guidance? Share in the comments!

~Comfy Girl with Curls


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Just in Time for Summer: Getting into Headwraps

If you happen to follow me on InstagramFacebook, or even Pinterest, you may have noticed that I’ve taken a very recent and very strong interest in headwraps/headscarves.

If you’ve been around since the beginning of my blog, you may remember one of my first posts being about my love for toques. I loved them (and still do) for their ease and simplicity. I use them as a lazy protective style (hiding bed-time twists for days) and most frequently, when I’m deep conditioning my hair and I realize I need to leave the house.

Now that Summer is here, I found myself wanting to try something a bit different, and this was the video that got me thinking head wraps might be a cool thing to try out.

Since I found and shared this video on my Facebook page, I have become obsessed with the idea of testing some of the options out. I waited a really long time before giving it a go, but I was mostly hesitant because I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off.

*Quick story time. A while back, one of my best friends confided in me that she wanted to test out headscarves. Ironically, I gave her a big fat no…although I can’t even remember why I said so. So as you can imagine, about a month ago, when I finally wrapped my hair up in a scarf, and went to go meet her for coffee, I got called out big time for my hypocrisy. Views change, okay? I realize my mistake, and that headscarves are cool!

I have yet to be able to successfully pull off any of the above head wrap styles exactly, but I’ve been improvising, and this is what I’ve come up with : (The first one is the one I am most proud of.)

HeadWrap using Handmade Kenyan Scarf

Another thing that makes scarves a nice alternative to toques, is quite simply, it makes me feel relatively put together when my natural hair is otherwise not cooperating… which is honestly whenever I have a day off.

Then there’s the added bonus of protecting my hair from the sun! Not only is my hair protected from the elements, I can do a full on conditioning session underneath one of these, just as easily as I could with a toque.

Now I have yet another obsession that I’ll have to budget for, as though makeup and toques weren’t enough…

So are you curious about headwraps, just testing the waters, or a long time sporter of them? I would love to see photos or links to your favorite inspirations. Also, where do you get your scarves from? I need to find a good go-to, affordable place!

~ Comfy Girl with Curls


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Check out!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note today! The beautiful Victoria from does a profile every so often, and this Wednesday I was featured! Take a look–> ClassyCurly Profile – Kaya

I am super thankful for the feature, and I love seeing bloggers featuring and supporting other bloggers, so check out her site, there’s a lot of  great content there!


~Comfy Girl with Curls


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Getting into the Girly things – Obsessing Over Makeup

I grew up in the dance world, so I am extremely accustomed to having a face caked with makeup. In spite of this (or more likely, because of this,) I had a very late start getting into the whole “decorating my face” thing. I really didn’t get how people could willingly put the stuff on every day.
* Please see terrifying photo of child-me in stage makeup.


I mean wouldn’t having to endure the above scar and scare you out of makeup for life?

In fact, when I was finally old enough to do my own stage makeup, I would try to cheat the system by putting on a lot of mascara instead of false eyelashes, or by skimping out on the foundation and just putting a powder heavy on my face. I’m sure I wasn’t fooling anyone, but no one called me out, so I got away with it.

In my later years of high school, the girls were starting to look more put together, more mature, and less like a 5 year old who had just rolled out of bed. This was thanks to puberty, and as I still suspect: their growing makeup skills. I felt like I had to put in some effort as to not be left in the dust, so I started wearing mascara to school. (In grade 12, that’s when I really got fancy and started using eyeliner–sometimes.)

So believe me, it was a surprise for most in my life when, at of 2016, I started spending ridiculous amounts of money on makeup. I was still mostly into the basics of eye shadows, mascaras, and eyeliners, and I only sort of began dabbling in lip glosses.
Then, a couple of months later, I found myself at a “Free Makeover” from a SmashBox Makeup artist, and dropped $200 on all the products she used on me. I even bought a contour kit. A CONTOUR KIT! I don’t know who I am anymore!! This is when I started to realize I could do more than just my eyes, I bought primers, eyebrow pencils, and started using my BB cream and concealers that I had lying around for no reason.

Smashbox Items bought after my "free makeover".
Part of the $200 I dropped.
The aforementioned Contour Kit.

Ironically, what I am most drawn to now is lips, lips, lips. This is something that I never would have seen myself even thinking about spending money on before . But now.. well, let’s not talk about spending money right now… Below is only a small piece of my collection.



The question I ask myself is “what brought it all on?” How did I manage to do a complete 180 in terms of how I look at makeup?  And the answer was really, this blog. When I first started out, a friend of my mom’s had expressed interest in sending me makeup to review/promote once she started up her business. My first thought was “That’s cool”, followed by a “Sh*t, I don’t know how to use makeup.”

That was when my mom gave me some pretty sound advice. She told me to look at Makeup the way I had Natural Hair; learning through websites, bloggers, and of course Pinterest. And that is basically what I did. I created a Pinterest board, I found YouTube gurus that I fell in love, and all of a sudden I had a massive cosmetic wishlist.

Now it’s like makeup and I are old friends, and there’s no going back. I love the ability to switch up my look depending on how I’m feeling, the weather, or my overall outfit, and I think that’s what continues to draw me in. It’s not necessarily about “looking pretty”, but the opportunity to express myself in a way I had never before considered.”

So if I can’t kick my obsession, I might as well go all in right? What are some makeup brands you recommend I try out? Especially for Lipsticks!


~Comfy Girl With Curls



Kendo - Kat Von D Beauty


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Carmella Marie – Product Review

I feel bad that it has taken me so long to review the products sent to me by Carmella Marie, but in addition to my broken laptop, I just have not been able to get in any good hair styles lately! (This is definitely not a comment on the products being used. A busy schedule and my tendency to throw my hair in a bun when rushing is what’s really at fault here.)

So about a month and a half ago, I received Carmella Marie’s Alabama Mix Creamy Cleanser, MyGel and a travel size Hair Lotion. The package came with a lovely card, and a handy overview of the different products the company carries. (You may have caught the image of my haul on Instagram.)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

According to the brief “About Us” inside the package, “Carmella Marie creates hair-care products composed of both natural and organic ingredients. Our team combines the use of research, nature’s finest ingredients and imagination to create quality handmade hair-care products to meet your needs.”

While I am not the most ingredient-conscious natural out there, it’s always reassuring and kind of satisfying to know there’s good stuff in the stuff you’re globbing on your head.
So here are the goods:

Alabama Mix Creamy Cleanser

 “A Sulfate free cleanser made with Castile Soap, which will moisturize your hair all the while cleansing it. Your hair will be refreshed and your scalp will thank you.” – Carmella Marie

My Thoughts:

-When I popped the cap and sniffed I couldn’t smell anything, but yet I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle natural scent that emerged while washing.

-As I am still relatively new to the CoWash world, I try to avoid expectations going in. Still,  I was surprised by the amount of slip there was while using it! I was actually able to comb out my hair in the shower using the product as a detangling agent.

-The softness. Despite avoiding expectations, I hadn’t expected my hair to leave the process feeling soft and moisturized.

-It genuinely felt clean. Like squeaky clean, without the stripped feeling. As someone who finds reassurance in the suds of a normal shampoo, this sudless cleanser gave my other CoWashes a run for their money.

-Shelf Life. I am a self proclaimed Product Junkie, and as a result, it takes me a long time to work through the endless products I own. I’m guessing it’s due to the natural ingredients, but the products I received from Carmella Marie have a recommended “use by” time of 6 months. I am used to the full 12 months given to me by most of my regular products, so this has me a bit concerned.


“Made of Flax Seeds, which are full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids that support a healthy scalp. MyGel promotes shine and helps revive dry scalp and dull hair. This light holding gel is a great way to enhance curls, twists or twist outs even wrap or set hair. For those who have relaxed hair, this will leave your hair bouncy if you wrap your hair with it at night.” – Carmella Marie

My Thoughts:

Please note, I have a long-standing aversion towards gel. (And I am 100% sure this came from my hair being slicked back in a ballet bun with Dippity Doo for the majority of my childhood). I always fear that a gel will turn on me and convince everyone that I have a huge, flaky, dandruff problem.

But yet, MyGel didn’t betray me.

After taking down the twists, before separating them. See that shine?

Besides the mucus-like consistency that is synonymous with flax seed gel (it just is what it is), I was really impressed with MyGel.  It added shine, and it didn’t flake. The perfect way to describe it is like a nice gentle, shiny  hold. Definitely something I will keep using.

Only down side is the same as the above with the shelf life. However because of how bouncy and flexible my hair is after using it, I can see myself using it way more often than I would a standard gel!

It’s not the best picture, to show off my twist-out, but you can see the definition and shine! (I usually don’t do super defined twist-outs, I usually go for the chunkier look like below.)


Hair Lotion:

“Was created to keep those dry curls and coils moisturized. Our hair lotion will soften the hair and bring it back to life. Hair Lotion cane used on wet or dry hair.” – Carmella Marie

My Thoughts:

I received a nice travel size portion of Carmella Marie’s Hair Lotion, but since I have SO MUCH HAIR, it was pretty much one time use.

What I can say though is that I loved the thickness of it. I used it as the Cream in my LOC method, and I found it sealed in the moisture for a good couple of days. This is something I will consider ordering in the future.

I hope I was able to provide some insight to these awesome products! And I will keep you all updated when I use them on some future styles!
And of course, a huge thanks to Carmella Marie <3


~Comfy Girl With Curls



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New Options for Curly Haired Babies? As I Am – Born Curly

We all know by know that Beyoncé sings “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros”, but what about you?

While I am a long ways away from having a curly-haired baby of my own, my interest was still piqued when I saw that As I Am came out with a line for Babies and Children called “Born Curly”. I mean, I am already obsessed with their CoWash, and Leave-In, and for me, when I like a brand, anything said brand comes out with gets me a little excited.

As I Am Born Curly Shea And Cocoa Butter Balm

Their website boasts that their Born Curly products are “The First and Only NSF Certified Organic beauty products for naturally curly babies and children.”

As I Am dropped the line with 7 products that I am not above trying on my own hair and body:

I mean really, Rosemary Vanilla Twist Defining Smoothie? Does that smell as good as it sounds?

So Born Curly is certified Organic, the line-up sounds delicious, and it’s targeted towards kids with curly hair. The question now is does it work? So I took to scouring through Facebook (where people tend to be brutally honest–if the company hasn’t deleted the negative comments.) I was actually impressed with all the comments that just popped up today. Here are what some various FB users had to say:

“Started using the oil yesterday on my daughters hair and I can already see the difference. Finally found something that works on her hair…”

“Love this product, no flaking and curls right up.”

“My daughter is one and we just started using this product omg…I love it soo much her curls and coils are gorgeous.”

So have you tried Born Curly yet? I’m curious to hear more about it if you have.  I have a few friends with natural haired babies that are always looking for options, and I don’t mind keeping a running list for myself one day in the future.


~Comfy Girl With Curls



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